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Endometriosis and interstitial cystitis

Hello everyone and happy Monday, I hope you are all enjoying the day. Today in Michigan it is 72 and sunny and just absolutely gorgeous out. I just finished my infusion to prepare for the surgery I am having tomorrow, and I wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about it if that is okay? Tomorrow I am having a laparoscopy for endometriosis with a possible endometrial ablation along with a bladder installation for interstitial cystitis also known as IC.  Then at the end of this, I want to bring some humor and some funny stories of things I have done after coming out of surgery and would love to hear your stories as well!

First, I am sure you see some words up here that you are not familiar with, so let me stop dropping the ball here and explain them to you. Endometriosis is something I have had since 2010, I was diagnosed after an emergency room appointment that left me admitted to the hospital for a couple weeks. This disease is one of the more painful and common ones that I have ever heard of. When I have my menstrual cycle, I am completely stuck in bed, curled up in a ball. There is a lot of hemorrhaging and it truly feels like someone is sticking knives all over my lower abdomen and just twisting them. The pain can last for 5 days to several months, this time around for me it has been going on for 5-6 months so I am grateful that I am having the surgery to have it removed tomorrow. So.. what is endometriosis in the correct medical form you ask? According to Mayo Clinic website, it is known as an often painful disorder where the tissue that normally lines the inside of your uterus grows outside of it. Those that have endometriosis most commonly have it in pelvic organs including; fallopian tubes and ovaries, very rarely someone will have it beyond their pelvic organs. Some of the main symptoms that come with having endometriosis can include; painful intercourse, painful menstrual cycles, excessive bleeding, painful urination, as well as infertility. There are not very many treatment options besides medications (hormone therapy), injections and then of course laparoscopy to have it burned off, the last option and what I have been spoken to about myself is a hysterectomy.  Although from other people I have heard having kids can also help with endometriosis as well as breastfeeding if you are able to conceive.

Second is another diagnosis that I spoke about at the top of the page and that is called interstitial cystitis or IC for short.  This is another pretty painful disorder and can be very chronic. There are not very many treatment options for this disorder and for me it was mistaken as a urinary tract infection several times but I did not have one, there was no infection there. Some treatment options are medications, physical therapy (this consist of bladder therapy, and I will let you know can cause more pain then you were having before), bladder installations (to help you with your urge to want to urinate).

Finally, enough about all the medical stuff, endometriosis is more of a common disorder to have, and very many women can get it. Please be aware of your symptoms and contact your doctor, you know your body best. If you believe there is something wrong it is better to get it checked out than to ignore it.

Funny Story

So I want to talk to you all about some of the funniest and weirdest things I have done after surgery/procedures. Some of them I still get made of fun of for doing to this day. I will go back to high school when I had my wisdom teeth out, I am sure we all have seen those youtube videos of people getting their wisdom teeth out. Well for me camera phones weren’t a huge thing yet… so my mom did not record me but she told me everything I did and to this day we still laugh. I was very hungry and wanted McDonald’s french fries, well I was not only rolling down the windows and yelling who knows what out the window. I also decided to take the honey mustard that I had in my hand and a french fry and smear it all over my lips and face telling my mom that this is the new lip gloss, the best kind because you can eat it.  The next ones that I have that my husband has told me about and cracks up when he shows pictures of people is after a couple of my bigger surgeries I have had. I am always hungry after them, I am not sure why I wouldn’t be because you have to fast for so long.  Well.. I got out and woke up from the sedation asking for cookies, I wanted Oreos to be exact. They came back in gave me the cookies (mind you I don’t remember any of this nor do I have any clue whats going on), then I put the cookie in my mouth and pass out. Yes, I did just fall asleep with food in my mouth, and of course, my husband had to take a picture of it. That is not the only time I have done it either, the last time I wanted to eat healthier so I asked for an apple. I am sure you can just picture it, yes.. I fell asleep with the entire apple in my mouth. He had to again take a picture then he was nice enough to take it out of me, where I then woke up took it from him, put it back in my mouth and fell asleep all over again.  I could probably go on for days telling you all the weird and strange things I have done after surgery and procedures because I have had so many, but I will end it with this last one. Do any of you order anything online after surgery/procedures?? I most certainly do, I cannot even tell you how much I bought because my phone is in my hand and Amazon makes it so easy to just swipe and buy now. I have bought several items from there, makeup, clothes etc. but the biggest thing I did just recently buy a 5 lb bag of Swedish fish because I guess again I was hungry and craving sweets.


I would love to hear your stories and some of the funny things that you all have done yourself! Have you done anything as weird as me? Have you done anything that people are still reminding you of to this day?

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