Light houses of Michigan

In one of my other posts, I spoke about lighthouses and how much my husband and I love seeing them. I think that a lot of these should be seen so that they can continue to keep them open. We even have a lighthouse book that we bought for all of them that are in MI and we check them off as we go.  Lighthouses have so much history to them and they are so unique, below are names and pictures of some of the ones that we have seen. There are 106 lighthouses in Michigan, so our journey awaits for us to be able to see all 106.

Grand Island East Channel Lighthouse

A little background into this lighthouse: This lighthouse is located north of Munising. My husband and I seen this when we were on a boat tour for pictured rocks. This was one of the first lighthouses to guide ships into Munising Harbor.

This is one of the oldest ones that is on Lake Superior
  White Fish Point Lighthouse: This is a beautiful lighthouse in the Upper Peninsula. This is also one of the oldest operating lighthouses that is on Lake Superior.  When my husband and I walked the steps to the top, it was a beautiful view.  This is a lighthouse adventure you will not want to miss. I will say though if you are afraid of heights like my husband is, I would not venture out to the side of it. 

Point Betsie: This beautiful lighthouse is just a short walk and located near Crystal Lake of Frankfort. It was built in 1858 and on the east shore of Lake Michigan. 

Point Betsie: When visiting Point Betsie, another beautiful spot to visit and see is Sleeping Bear Dunes.

Mission Point: 



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