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This morning I had my 3+ hour appointment at Mary Free Bed, a local one that we have here in Michigan.  I went in already not feeling the greatest, but it was better than my “normal day” so I decided to give it my all.  The first hour of my appointment is usually an Occupational Therapist consult. I work with my legs mostly because they are weak. Throughout all the workouts I got really sick, the FLARE went from a 3 to a 10 on the pain scale in a matter of seconds. Let’s just say I freaked my therapist out quite a bit, she wasn’t sure what she could do to help me because I was barely responding to her. If I went into detail about what was going on in those moments, I am not sure this post would stay on the topic of what I am trying to tell you about Mary Free Bed.

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After, about a half hour or so of this episode and taking some medications, I was finally back to a coherent status and the room wasn’t spinning around me anymore.  The therapist, asked me “are you okay”? then she went and got the nurse to just check on me to make sure I was ready to continue the other hours I had left at the facility. Although I had this episode and I was incredibly embarrassed by it, I will say that my therapist did an incredible job. She walked through it all with me, remaining calm, collective and keeping track of all my vitals during that time.  She cared for all my needs, and watched for any signs that would have me going to the E.R. She told me “she was thinking about sending me there”, although when I kept telling her “no, no let it pass” (to the best of my ability, because I slur my words and hardly anything comes out during these moments) she then proceeded to also let it pass.  So, after what felt like hours of a bad FLARE episode I was able to go to the next therapy session for the other half of my occupational therapy.

This is another therapist of mine that I first started working with, who I have to say again is truly kind and incredible.  She, like all the others I work with are very knowledgeable about most of the conditions that I have too, so they are able to do different techniques with me. The ones she did not know that much about, she allowed me to explain more to her and took down notes and really listened to what I have to say. Now, this! This right here is huge! Most of us that deal with chronic illness, never really get people to listen to us, most of the time they ignore everything we say. This therapist, she did not do that, she even took everything I had to say and told me “she was going to talk to other patients about the techniques I use to help them”. When someone says this to you, you just get those butterflies in your stomach, knowing that you helped someone else and will continue to be able to help someone else through another person. Your ideas and your thoughts, skills etcc.. they matter! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Finally, as much as I hate going to an appointment because they are so incredibly painful and my body is completely worn out before and after. I look forward to seeing these wonderful smiling faces 2x out of my week. If I had to recommend one place for therapy and a place you can go to get the help you need and deserve, I would recommend Mary Free Bed. They don’t just treat you like another patient, like another number to get through in their many numbers of patients they have. They treat you like family as if you were a member of their family and they truly care to watch and see you succeed in your health journey.


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