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Stay at home dog mom

Being a dog mom is incredible, being a stay at home dog mom with a chronic illness well.. that can be a little more challenging. Today I wanted to tell you all about the essentials and tools I have that are truly lifesavers for me and helping me pull off being a dog mom. These tips and tricks I know will be sure to help you as well in being the best dog mom you can be!

So first of all, yes! Yes, I am that overly obsessive dog mom who treats her dog as her child because to me he is! I can’t have kids and he is the next best thing, I wish I could have more dogs but he can be quite a handful at times.  This right here is my incredible little man Ruger, he is with me at all times, he protects me and he actually should be a service dog because of some of the things that he does when I am home alone.

All about Ruger

Hello Everyone! My name is Ruger. I am 5 years old,  and I have brown eyes,.I am absolutely adorable and I know it. My human parents take very good care of me. My human mom is very sick so I try my best to take care of her. When she falls I will break her fall, or have my body under her head so she doesn’t hit it. I also will bark, and try to warn her if she has a spell coming on. I try to stay by her side at all times, I love my human mom very much. Although my human dad, he is my favorite. I am a daddy’s boy when he gets home from work. I get so excited, start talking to him and jumping up and down. It is time to play and he always plays with me. I go grab my favorite cow toy and it is time for tug of war. My human parents do so much with me. My favorite thing in the summer is to ride on my dads 4 wheeler with him, (we go slow so I don’t fall off), or I just love running in the yard. I absolutely love to run and play in the snow, or just relax in the nice hot sun. I am a mix of miniature Austrailian Sheperd and a Siberian Husky, so my parents have to brush me ALOT! I shed everywhere but it is all with love. Check out below to look at all my pictures and you will see how cute I am.

Top Items you will need as a dog parent

Now that you know more about my son, I want to share some tips and what I always have in my house to make sure I am a good dog mom for Ruger.

  • The first thing I learned, especially when Ruger first came home to live with us. I like to give him treats he is just so cute and it is so hard to say no to his puppy face. So I made sure that I started a subscription with Chewy and Amazon. I knew that I would be buying a lot of treats toys etc..
  • Ruger has ALOT of fur when you brush him you can seriously build another dog with all the fur that comes off from him so I have four specific brushes I use that help me keep his coat nice all year round.

  •  The next thing is that his toenails grow pretty quickly and going to the groomer can get expensive.  I use this tool and he will sit calmly and let me clip his nails.

This is one of my favorites it is so nice to be able to not have to put batteries in. Everything is charged by the USB.

  • Dog toys! My dog loves dog toys, but the ones that I like the most are;
    •  This one is a brain activity one. The dog only gets his treat if he can figure out how to get it out. My dog absolutely loves this game.
    • Ruger has three of these. He keeps one upstairs, one in his kennel and has one in our bedroom.
    • The next few toys are going to be cow toys, but you can get any kind of animal you want. For me cows are my favorite animal so they are now Ruger’s favorite too.
    • Do any of you dog parents hate when the squeaky toys just make much noise? It gives you a headache but your dog is happy, right? Well get this dog toy and you will not regret it, Ruger loves this toy and I cant hear the squeaker so he can play with it all day long.
  • Last but not least is one of my favorite tools. Being able to wash your dog without putting them in the tub.
    • The Bissel pet bath is truly my favorite. I thought for sure Ruger would be scared of it, but he sits still the entire time and lets me wash him. That is not something he does when in the bathtub, at times it takes both my husband and me just to keep him in the tub. This is a less messy, easier way to clean him and dry him and worth every penny.
    •  Having an inexpensive camera for when we are away has worked so well for us! This camera allows us to not only watch Ruger but speak to him as well. All of this can be done right from your phone. You can also record, take pictures and save it all on your phone as well.  When we first installed this camera, we were able to see what Ruger does when he knocks all of his water out of his water dish.

Being a dog mom is the best thing that ever happened to me. I love that he is always here for me and I can always be there for him. Is anyone else an obsessed dog parent??

Welcome to The Chronicles of The Chronically Ill Woman Hello, I'm Kayla. I am a lifestyle and chronic illness blogger, and with this blog, I will show you all the tips and tricks on how you can live your life to the fullest when living with any kind of chronic diseases. As well as bringing awareness to all these certain diseases, some that may be rare and others that are just not spoken about enough.  There will also be posts about faith, the latest fashions, and marriage. In order to help you live your life to the fullest potential while living with chronic disease, I have created sheets for a medical binder to keep your life in order. My FREE binder download will help you organize everything from doctors appointments to what medications you are taking, so you aren't scrambling for information at your next appointment. All you have to do is sign up and subscribe to my email list. Check out this guide to get you started. Subscribe for your FREE Medical Binder Email Address First Name Get To Know Me A Little Better    I am a Michigander married to an amazing man, Ryan and we are heading into our fourth year of marriage. We do not have any kids, well..(no human kids) our child is our dog, Ruger. Yes, I am a very proud dog mom and love spending time with my dog.  I also enjoy crafting, reading, hunting, being outdoors, spending time with family and writing & singing music. I never knew when I was younger that this is where I would be in life at this very moment.  When I found out I was sick, my life took a turn for the worse for quite a while. It always felt if it wasn't one thing it was another, first, it was head injuries (about 12 concussions or more to be exact), then there were heart problems. I never thought in a million years it would have got as bad as it did, but through it all, I knew that God had it. Did I have my doubts? Of course, I did! Who in their right mind wouldn't? I just knew in my heart and still to this day know, this is exactly where the Lord wants me. With him all things are possible, and I know without him I would not be who I am today. Living the life of these illnesses has not kept me from pursuing and reaching my full potential. I was able to graduate with my Bachelors Degree in Human Resource Management, and health services administration. I worked incredibly hard at school, my strength and endurance pushed me to be the best I could be. And now here I am starting this beautiful blog of mine and pursuing another goal in life and helping others reach theirs in every way that I can possibly can! So, please let me know what I can do to help you today? Send me a message


  • Karina O'Hara

    Oh my goodness yessss! I am the completely obsessed mother of a miniature party poodle called Pip . She is just over two years old and has been a blessing . I think that I am up and walking because of her . Had it just been for myself ,I could not have forced my way through pain to get to the point I’m at now . As is only fair she is very spoilt and even comes with us on our travels around Australia in our RV . Again I can enjoy travel because of her . Our motor home is not huge but is well air conditioned and has an almost king size comfy bed . My husband adores her as well. We have just been camping on beaches down the east coast of Australia and Pip has become quite the little surfer chick .Just loves running in the water ,which gives me joy to watch her .I do feel guilty when I can’t exercise her so I really appreciate some of your ideas ,particularly the thinking toys . Mind you she seems happy just to have naps with me . I have never seen the special washing thingy and will sure look that up . All the best ,a very enjoyable read 😍

    • chroniccountrychic

      Karina, thank you for your kind post. I love that you take your dog everywhere with you, also love that you live in Australia I have always wanted to go there myself! Dogs are amazing kids aren’t they?? Also if you want to look or check out any of the items you can just click their picture, or link and it will bring you straight to them.

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