Time for Ink

The story behind the tattoo

A tattoo is something permanent that is put on our bodies, but why do people choose to get them??

There are so many different answers to this question, and I think my answer when I got mine was that I had a bad breakup, and I was trying to escape from the pain of a bad breakup and my life just falling to pieces at that time.  The last time that I was in a tattoo parlor, I decided to ask some of the tattoo artists. One of them had told me that people get them “for the infinity signs, that he did over 20 a week.” Those are pretty popular…

The other day I went with a friend of mine so that she could go get one of her’s done that she has been wanting for a while. With her, I know that each of her tattoos tells a story and has a certain meaning to her. The pictures below show the steps to the 3-hour process of her tattoo. The artist that we went too was incredible, very nice and explained a lot of things to me in great detail. Also shared some of his stories, and why a lot of people that come to see him get tattoos.


Some of the first steps to the part of the tattoo
Almost done

Completely finished. Can you find the hidden piece in the tattoo??

I then asked the tattoo artist why he himself liked to get tattoos?? He then told me “because it takes away from the pain and what was all going on around him in his daily life.  He had a lot of different ones that covered different parts of his body…  He then told me “that a lot of people came in for different tattoos for various reasons. Whether that be them getting a design for someone who passed away, for a loved one in general, the infinity symbols, different animals or to cover up their scars. He even said that people also got them just because they liked the ink and tattoo designs on their bodies.” Tattoos are one of those things that people say can be very addicting, that you just can’t get one.  Pain is beauty right?? The tattoo when getting it done may hurt, but they do last forever.

How about you? Do you have any tattoos? Do any of them hold a special meaning to you?? I would love to see some pictures and hear your stories!!

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