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Top movies to watch while bedridden

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Hey everyone! So I know we have all had those moments whether we have a chronic illness or not… where we have been absolutely just stuck in bed and not able to get out. I can remember last year, I was stuck in bed for about 8-9 months, I would still try to get out, (basically, crawl out of bed), just to stretch my body and my legs and I would do stretches in bed because I was so scared to decondition my body. Anyways while I was stuck in bed, I wrote a huge movie list.  I watched 102 movies and I just wanted to share a list with you guys of some of the top ones that I enjoyed that you may enjoy too. Sometimes it can be hard to find stuff to do while you are stuck in bed, but watching movies is one of my favorites. So here goes nothing on this list. This is the exact movie list I watched, because I wrote it all down last year as I went, just to give me something more to do and to see if I could go through our entire movie list.. well guess what?? I did and then I had to start borrowing movies from people and then purchasing my own. I watched 102, but I feel as if that would be way too long of a post so I will give you the top 15 from the list.

  1.  The very first movie that I watched and that is on my list was Spy . This movie is a good one if you just need a good laugh. I also really enjoy Melissa McCarthy, she is a great actress.  I did not own this movie when I first watched it last year, I had borrowed it. Although after watching it I had to buy it for myself.  This a movie that can be watched over and over again and still give you a good laugh.
  2. The Boss: This is also another movie with Melissa McCarthy and is a good comedy. I cannot remember the whole backstory, but she starts like a girl scout cookie empire, after going completely bankrupt because she starts out in the movie beginning very wealthy. She ends up getting the help of her assistant.
  3. The Lion King: The Walt Disney Signature Collection (With Bonus Content): What can I say about this one except for A-Mazing! This is actually one of my favorite Disney movies. I have always enjoyed the love story, the father and son story and just all the meaning behind it. I also really love Disney movies so there are quite a few more that will be added to this list.  If you have never seen lion king, I would click the link to buy it for yourself today because this is a definite must see in your lifetime.
  4. Beauty and the Beast (1991): Being born in the 90’s this was always an all-time classic and another one of my favorites when I was younger. When I look at the love Belle had for the beast, I see it as the love we are supposed to have for our spouses. No matter what fight we get into, or how much one of us is acting like a beast. We should always remain on the focus of loving them no matter what. This movie does exactly that from my perspective and the love story of Beauty and Beast is just beautiful.
  5. Selena: “Now I’m dreaming of you tonight, till tomorrow I  will be holding you tight, and there’s nowhere in the world I would rather be. Than here in my room dreaming about you and me” This was one of the songs that Selena sang from this movie, and to this day I remember every single one of the songs and the significant story.  Jennifer Lopez plays the part of Selena in this movie and does an incredible job portraying who Selena was. I also grew up watching this movie, and this is another one I could never get sick off. I have every single song on my phone and to this day love all the music.
  6. Coyote Ugly: “Can’t fight the moonlight, it’s going to get to your heart” A great song from this movie, now I probably should have never watched this when I was younger, I did do it behind my parents back. Although this became one of my favorites as a girl, I learned the dances. I also love music and singing so I learned all the songs to be able to sing them too. I can probably quote almost every line from this move.  Funny story: just a few weekends ago, I was able to get out and hang out with my friends and family and I sang songs from this movie. Everyone (well mostly everyone) in this bar knew it was coyote ugly too. Now, this is not one I would recommend for kids, but there is a good story to this movie, how a small town girl goes out to live her dream of becoming a singer in the big city. What’s not to like??
  7. Pitch Perfect: When this movie first came out, I went and seen it 3 times and then just had to have. I became obsessed with this movie and the story of the Barden Bella’s.  The acapella in this movie is incredible and if you are a music junkie like I am you cannot go wrong with this movie and the two others. My hubby, knowing how obsessed I am, he has gone out and bought me every one of them on the day they came out and knows I can quote every song and every line. He normally just leaves the room when it starts playing though…
  8. Annie: Now Annie is the classic story of an orphan with a good story. Annie lives in an orphanage with Ms. Hannagan one of the nastiest caregivers but the girls sing and push through it.
  9. Footloose (1984)Footloose (2011): Now both the classic and the new Footloose is so good! The original, in my opinion, is better they always seem to be don’t they? If you have never seen Footloose, this is another must see, as I write this I have the whole song stuck in my head. The movie is about a small town that went through such a tragedy that they banned dancing and rock N roll music basically. Then Wren comes to town and rebels against the laws but brings a town that the town needed all along.
  10. O’ Brother, Where Art Thou?:  Three gang members escape the prison to go on a search of money. Although while on their search they hide from the guards and the movies becomes a great comedy due to the different obstacles these men face. If you had to pick out of the movies to watch, this would be another great one and it is a great deal right now for $2.99. Cannot beat that for a DVD that you will want to watch time and time again and tell your friends and family about.  Just a warning the songs on here are pretty good and you might be like me and want the whole soundtrack (Man of Constant Sorrow) is one of the tops that I listen to on a daily basis.
  11. Tommy Boy: Chris Farley and David Spade, need I say more?? Tommy, not your brightest color of crayons in the pack finally graduates college and starts to work for his dads business. Although when tragedy strikes for his family, the company starts to go downhill and it’s up to Tommy and his dad’s right-hand man to save the company. This movie is an incredible comedy and full of great twists and turns… This is also another movie I can probably quote every line and is a great classic to own!
  12. 21 Jump Street : Any huge Channing Tatum fans out there? What about Jonah Hill? Well, put them together for this comedy of a movie and you will never want it to stop.  In the movie, they portray rookie cops that have to go undercover to find the supplier of drugs at a high school. Their boss is Ice Cube and has them again try to bust a high school drug ring but there are so many hysterical events that happen during the movie that ends up in disaster.
  13.  We’re the Millers: Jennifer Aniston! The only actress you need to know about in this movie. Now she is one of my favorite actresses since I was a teenager, and became obsessed with the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S, I actually still am obsessed today. Anyways, sorry got a little bit off track there… In this hilarious comedy, a small town pot dealer needs money, so he decides to create a fake family and take them to Mexico… I think you just need to see the movie to find out the rest because it is hilarious!
  14. The Notebook: “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird” Noah says this to his girlfriend Ally in a romantic film about a rich girl and poor boy living in the 1940’s.  Ryan Gosling (need I say more), and Rachel McAdams fall in love but are tragically ripped apart. Full of sad moments and happy moments leaving you speechless at an incredible love story!
  15. A Walk to Remember: Last but certainly not the least is another one of my all-time favorite movies! Who am I kidding, I just love every movie ( for the most part). This movie portrays a popular guy and a girl who is kind of an outcast, who is made fun of by this guy and his friends.  Mandy Moore shows faith, encouragement through a battle of her life she is dealing with although no one knows about. That is until Shane the popular guy starts to fall in love with Mandy Moore. The two of them in this movie portrays a relationship that is so remarkably beautiful, powerful, inspirational that most could only hope for in their lifetime.

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