When should you switch to a different doctor?

Sitting in a waiting room, nervously waiting to see the new specialist or doctor that you have found yourself or been referred too.  You have seen so many doctors and a lot of them have dismissed your symptoms, they have made you think that everything is in your head. That there is absolutely nothing wrong with you and that your making things up?? Have any of you had this? I feel like we all have at one time or another because there are doctors out there that just want to do the bare minimum, they treat you like a number instead of a patient. This does happen, that does not mean that all doctors are bad and that all doctors are going to ignore what you are going through. This just means you have to take every single doctors appointment as an interview and remember to advocate for yourself because the doctor doesn’t know your symptoms, or what is really going on with you until you speak up and tell them.

When you go in and see the doctor and tell them everything that is going on with you and they dismiss these problems.. well I think then this is now the time that you look for a second opinion. You have to go in with the mindset that, yes this is an interview and you have every right to see another doctor. We live in a health care system that allows us to do this, and most of all you have to remember in most health care systems the patient is supposed to be king. A doctor is trained to help a patient to get down to the bottom of things if they cant do that or will not do that you need to advocate for yourself and voice your opinion.

Now for me, I am horrible at this, because I have had some pretty bad experience with doctors. They have made me feel crazy, unwanted, and have made me feel completely hopeless.  Well, guess what? If this has ever happened to you, you need to make sure you know you can get through it. You leave that appointment, cry in your vehicle for a little bit and move on. That doctor did not make the interview criteria that you know is necessary and you are not going to let a doctor like that on your team. You know your body, and you know how you feel, doctors may think that they are always right but sometimes that isn’t always the case. If you think something is wrong, something doesn’t seem normal, go to another doctor. I just had to do this myself and having another doctor listen to me and show empathy is truly all I needed as a patient.

Finally, I want to let everyone know this post is not against health care individuals because I have some great ones on my team that I know will do anything to help me.  I also have great admiration and am very thankful for healthcare professionals and everything they do. This is about building your team and making sure you have those health care individuals that are going to listen and help you, not just put you on the back burner and have you keep waiting until it is too late and symptoms or your health have gotten worse. We are all human and we all make mistakes, although as a patient when a doctor makes those mistakes and you really trusted in them it can really bring things down for you.


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